Strategic Alliancez

Relation Management

SA’s foremost priority is developing a sound relationship with our client and to know them best. To achieve this, we engage in regular dialogue and develop a consolidated view of client’s brand philosophy, digital preferences and customer expectations across all mediums i.e. point of sale, mobile, web and social media. This allows us to tailor digital needs that best serves their vision, builds brand, amplifies engagement and exceed expectations.
Our clients think of their account manager as their go-to for any questions concerning the digital world. This is because account managers establish themselves as experts and approach every marketing campaign as though it were our own.  We share every best practice, feature, blog and the most viral campaigns’ with clients for their professional development and to keep them updated on ‘what’s new’. SA tackles every hurdle and celebrates client’s achievements as if they were our own. Clients recognize this sense of ownership and turn to us for all digital ventures.